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Apartment complex with green open view in Istanbul Bahcesehir

Istanbul / bahcesehir

Apartments for sale in Bahcesehir Istanbul with comfortable payment plan



Luxury apartment complex in the heart of Istanbul Güzeltepe

Istanbul / Eyup

A luxury apartment complex in the heart of Istanbul, near the financial and business center.



Istanbul kucukcekmece apartments complex

Istanbul / Kucukcekmece

Apartments for sale in Kucukcekmece near the new Istanbul Canal



Complex with smart home systems in Istanbul Sarıyer

Istanbul / Sarıyer

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul Sariyer are within tall towers overlooking the Bosphorus



Istanbul Kağıthane Apartments Project

Istanbul / Kagithane

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul Kağıthane suitable for housing and Turkish citizenship



Beylikdüzü Apartment Complex

Istanbul / Beylikduzu

Luxury apartments for sale in Beylikduzu suitable for housing and investment



Istanbul Basin Express Apartments Project

Istanbul / basin express

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Basin Express road suitable for investment



Istanbul Umraniye Apartment Complex

Istanbul / umraniye

luxury apartments in Umraniye destrict of Asian Istanbul

Are you looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul?

Today, the idea of ​​buying real estate in Istanbul is considered one of the most popular and important ideas among the investor audience in the world, due to the many privileges that can be obtained that we may not be able to collect.

In this article, the editorial team at TUR PROPERTY Real Estate will inform you of the most important details and information related to the topic of Istanbul real estate and its most important aspects will be highlighted.

If this topic interests you, you can follow up with us and we wish you an enjoyable reading.


Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul:

The choice of many people around the world to own real estate in Istanbul was not in vain, but rather a natural result of the countless privileges that can be gained in return, and through the following paragraphs, you can see the most important and most distinctive of them.

1 - Geographical location of Istanbul:

It is difficult to find another city around the world that has an exceptional location like Istanbul, as it spans two continents at the same time (the European continent and the Asian continent), and this gave it a lot of high importance, privileges and characteristics of both continents at the same time.

What you do not know is that this exceptional location was one of the main factors that attracted investors to it despite their different nationalities. Do not forget that the Bosphorus Bridge separates the two parts of the city, and this has increased its importance, especially on the investment level.

Did you know that the privileged location of Istanbul is one of the main reasons why the climate in it is mild and beautiful throughout the year, in contrast to the climate in European countries that cannot be adapted to it because of its freezing cold.

2 - Diversity of real estate in Istanbul:

One of the important details that attracted and drew the attention of real estate investors to the real estate sector in Istanbul is the great diversity that it witnesses in real estate. When we talk about real estate in Istanbul, we are not referring to limited options, but rather to a wide and huge range of many options.

In terms of residential real estate in that city, you will find many types, the most important of which are apartments in residential complexes, which are in great demand thanks to the privileges and luxury that their owners can obtain, a charming view, and important entertainment services.

It should be noted that the real estate diversity in Istanbul includes not only its types, but also its patterns, where you can choose the right property for you in terms of space, whether you want to invest in real estate or housing and residence.

3 - It includes huge and high-end projects:

Do you think that it is difficult to find an apartment for sale in Istanbul because of the population density and the great demand for real estate ownership in it? Certainly, the two things have nothing to do with each other, as many construction companies are working on building and constructing their huge projects, all of which have distinctive and international specifications.

4 - Apartments with a wonderful sea view:

Among the real estate options in Istanbul are those that overlook the sea. Many people around the world prefer to buy an apartment on the sea in Istanbul. It is an opportunity to have a peaceful and quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as a unique opportunity for real estate investment, through which abundant profits can be obtained. .

Did you know that the prices of real estate overlooking the sea are constantly increasing, for two reasons, the first is the limited area overlooking the sea, and the second is the high demand for this type of real estate.

5- Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

One of the main reasons that encourage foreigners to buy and own real estate in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship, and this was monitored by the Turkish Statistics Authority last year, as it confirmed the real estate in that city that they intended to obtain

In this context, it must be noted that in order to obtain it, the price of the property must be a minimum of 400,000 US dollars, in addition to the need not to sell it before the lapse of at least three years.

6 - Apartments in installments in Istanbul:

One of the options for distinguished apartments in Istanbul is the installment apartments, which is the perfect solution for those who do not own the full price of the apartment, or for those who wish to split their capital in more than one investment project, believing in the principle of diversification in wealth.

You should know that it is very easy to find an apartment for sale in installments in Istanbul, as construction companies are always keen to provide special offers in order to achieve high sales rates.

7 - Real estate prices in Istanbul:

One of the important pieces of information that you should know about Istanbul is that real estate prices are cheaper than real estate in similar cities in terms of prestige, importance and luxury.

According to a report issued by the American magazine The Times, real estate prices in Turkey are generally 50 to 60 percent cheaper than prices in Eastern Europe, which are 80 to 90 percent cheaper than properties in western Istanbul.

8 - The large Arab presence in it:

Istanbul is the first destination for Arabs wishing to settle and reside in a developed place, where many Arabs flock to it throughout the year, due to the great similarity between customs and traditions in addition to the Islamic religion.

Istanbul has many Arab restaurants, shops, international schools, and private and public universities that are ranked globally.

Many areas in Istanbul have the name of the Arab region, such as Basaksehir, Fatih, Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, and others.


Where do I look for real estate for sale in Istanbul?

You will certainly wonder about the most prominent areas that can be chosen to search for apartments and real estate for sale in Istanbul, and through the following paragraph you can see the most important ones:

1 - Real estate in Basaksehir:

If you are wondering about the most important areas in the European side of  Istanbul, we will refer to Basaksehir, which is characterized by its geographical location near the new Istanbul Airport and the new water canal, through which it has acquired a high investment importance.

Many luxury residential complexes were built with all service and recreational facilities, and the infrastructure was developed and attached to a modern transportation network that made it connected with more than 80% of the other areas of the city.

The area contains many restaurants - cafes - parks, and do not forget that buying an apartment in Basaksehir, Istanbul, puts you in front of an opportunity to live in the face of the vast green spaces.

2 - Apartments in Beylikduzu:

One of the most prominent areas that you may choose to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul is (Beylikdüzü), which is characterized by its sea view of the Marmara Sea and the Bay of Buyukcekmece on the other hand, one of the important information that should be noted about this area is that it contains many luxury and modern urban projects.

Certainly your apartment in that area will have a distinctive view, which may be sea or forest, as for real estate prices, they are considered cheap compared to real estate prices in nearby areas.

You should know that prices will rise significantly during the coming period due to the great and increasing demand for them, as well as because of their urban modernity and proximity to the most important vital projects in the city.

3- Real estate for sale Kadikoy:

This area is located on the Asian side of the city and is characterized by its view of the Marmara Sea and is located near the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden's Tower, which is the most famous historical landmark in the city, as well as being one of the most prominent areas to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul

Kadikoy is one of the most important areas suitable for real estate investment, because construction companies go there to build the most important residential projects, in addition to the fact that it contains the most important service and recreational facilities that the residents need.

4 - Real Estate for Sale Uskudar:

It is considered one of the most prestigious and oldest areas on the Asian side of the city and is the first destination for tourists throughout the year:

Its climate is moderate. Its characteristics are derived from the Sea of ​​Marmara, which overlooks it, and from the Bosphorus Strait.

It contains many famous attractions such as the Maiden's Tower and the Çamlıca Hill.

Surrounded by many important areas such as Beykoz - Umraniye.

It is a unique destination for real estate investment, as real estate prices are constantly increasing.

It contains the largest mosque in Turkey, which is (Çamlica Mosque).

5 - Apartments for sale in Umraniya:

This area is located in the Asian side of the city and is characterized as one of the fastest growing areas, and its properties are modern and it is expected that it will be one of the central areas of the city as it includes the new financial center.

6- Real estate for sale Sariyer:

But if you are looking for the life of the rich and the wealthy, we advise you to choose Sariyer, which is characterized by being the area of ​​politicians, businessmen and important personalities, due to the high real estate prices in it to a large extent.

It provides its residents with a luxurious lifestyle completely different from what you might find in other regions where there are many schools / universities / recreational places / and add to your information that it contains many important historical places such as: the famous Rumeli Hisar Castle

The suitable areas to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul are not limited to what was mentioned above, but there are many other important areas that we could not talk about in full.

Among the other prominent areas that are described as central, such as Eyup Sultan, Fatih, Sultanahmet and others.


Important tips when buying a property in Istanbul:

Beware not to take the step of buying a property or apartment in Istanbul without taking all the advice that was given in this field to ensure that you get the right property and not face problems.

Through the following paragraph, you can see the most important information that you should consider when owning real estate in Turkey:

1 - If you hope to get a successful real estate investment, you should choose a distinguished and strategic geographic location near the vital and developmental projects in the city.

2 - In order to ensure high returns on real estate investment in Istanbul, you must choose a distinctive view, such as the sea or that overlooks the green spaces.

3 - For a profitable real estate investment, choose the space of your property carefully and make sure that it is not large, but should be small or medium in order to rent it easily or resell it in the future quickly and without waiting for a long time.

4 - In order to achieve a successful real estate investment, you must choose to buy a property in an area that is witnessing a great urbanization acceleration, and you must also choose new properties, as their prices are constantly increasing as a result of the increasing demand for it.

In this context, it is important to point out the necessity of hiring a real estate company or one of the famous real estate agents with experience in the real estate market in Turkey to provide you with the help you need.

By asking for help from a specialized real estate company, you will have in your hands many real estate options and wonderful investment opportunities that guarantee you to obtain abundant income and high returns, and do not forget that real estate companies reduce you a lot of effort, fatigue and the trouble of an unorganized search.


One of the important tips that you should take into consideration is that you should specify the purpose that you hope to achieve by searching for real estate for sale in Istanbul. Do you want to live and settle, invest in real estate or obtain Turkish citizenship?

Also, one of the steps of buying real estate in Istanbul is to determine the financial budget that you own. Is it sufficient to cover all the expenses of buying the property, or will you have to borrow or resort to installment offers?

Make sure to sign all contracts and official papers within a legal department (Title Deed Department), as any document issued by others is considered unacceptable.

Are you looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul? Do not look far, you can now contact our consulting team to get the most important offers available and suitable for you and your goals, many opportunities await you, suitable prices and a set of important tips that you must know.

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