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about us

Tur Property is a Turkish company with global expertise. Istanbul is our headquarters. Real estate consultancy and mediation is our specialty. We also provide all logistical and legal services supporting the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

About Tur Property

Our years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, with a professional and friendly team covering all services.

We enjoy good relations with the major construction companies in Turkey, and we have exclusive opportunities for our honorable clients who wish to own real estate in various Turkish cities, especially the beautiful Istanbul, the city of the two continents, Bodrum, Antalya, Yalova, Sakarya and others...

Most of our services are free, and we do not charge sale commissions from the buyer, but we are happy to provide integrated packages to receive you from the moment your plane lands at the airport, until the completion of the property ownership procedures!

We have distinguished services before, during and after the sale, and our specialized legal team is concerned with following up and managing requests for Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property with complete reliability and safety, especially for our clients who have purchased real estate with a value of more than 400 thousand US dollars through our company.

We have a record full of successes and achievements, and the trust of our customers is a medal that we cherish and decorate our journey in the world of finance and business, so we are keen to follow the strictest Turkish laws, as we have reached the best practices in the markets, which saves time and effort and saves money.

Why Tur Property?
Selected real estate projects with high reliability, from major construction companies in Turkey, or with partnership and guarantee from municipalities and the Turkish government.
Agreements signed with more than 100 excellent real estate projects in Istanbul.
Free facilities for owners and investors.

Integrated services during all stages of real estate ownership in Turkey.
Why Real Estate Turkey?

Turkey is the paradise of the world and its everlasting spring, and life in it is more beautiful than anything else, its weather is mild and beautiful, its nature is lush green, and its legislation is clear and specific, why not, and it is a state of institutions and law, and people are equal under its roof.

Today, it is a first destination for anyone who thinks of tourism, investment, or trade. It is also a wonderful alternative for those looking to start a new life in a stable and balanced country, within an advanced oriental environment that guarantees a bright future for its children, within the framework of local and international schools, and universities that exceeded 180 in number. Among them are more than 100 public universities, not to mention dozens of institutes and academies, in all disciplines.

In Turkey, you will find solid infrastructure, giant development projects, and successive government facilities, and there is a scientific, industrial, and medical renaissance that has surpassed - upon the real test - many countries of the world! With good planning, solid preparation, and wise management.

Our services
Our services before buying a property in Turkey
Real estate advice and telephone communication while you are in your country, to determine a list of initial options that suit your aspirations and desires.
Airport pick-up.
Assistance in choosing a hotel accommodation.
Real estate tours along the European and Asian city of Istanbul.
Distinguished tourism programs in all Turkish cities.
Our services after buying a property in Turkey

We have a fast, flexible team that is expert in following up on all important procedures and documents such as:

Issuance of the title deed (title deed) from the Real Estate Registry Directorate.
Receipt and verification of the property.
Reservation of residence dates in Turkey.
Opening a bank account in the name of the customer with an accredited Turkish bank.
The design, decoration and furnishings are from high-end Turkish and international furniture brands.
Assistance in opening water, gas and electricity meters.
Property management such as reselling or renting the property.
Follow-up of taxes, fees, bills, and payment of joint services subscriptions (revenues).
Preparing the application file for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property under the supervision of an expert Turkish lawyer.
Our team

The Tor real estate family includes professional young talents from Turkey and the Arab world, who were brought together by bonds of trust, cooperation and integration of expertise. We also cooperate with service providers classified according to the highest professional standards, and all our activities are compatible with the work system in Turkey.

Our departments
Real estate consulting.
Sales Team.
After sales services.
Quality control and customer satisfaction.


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